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A domain is a web address to locate a website which we desire to look at. A domain isan address made of numbers. As we enter a name of a website we are redirected to thataddress. A domain name is a combination of alphabets and numbers linked to a string ofnumbers.

Domain names are shortcuts for remembering complicated IP addresses. If domainnames would not have been created it would have been very difficult for users to remember afull IP address to a website. All the domain names are managed and overseen by anorganization known as ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers). Thework of this organization is to specify what domain names and extensions are available. Afterthat they have a massive database of every domain name stored that is out there.

Types of domain extensions

There are a wide range of domain extensions

  • .com
  • .net
  • .gov
  • .org
  • .mil
  • .edu
  • And many more.

All the extensions are not available for all the users. Some of them are limited to specificorganizations, like .gov is only for Government websites only. Some websites may contain morethan one extension, like aarchiinfotechsolutions.com.au, here .com is followed by .au whichstands for country extension that is Australia.

What AIS can do for you?

  • On the base of your name requirement will find the best options for you.
  • Provide you with wide options of domain name.
  • Provide you all the extensions available.
  • Maintaining the domain name for you.

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