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Shared Hosting

At AIS we believe in providing as many services as there are out in the world so that our clientsfeel that they can get all their work done at one place.With shared hosting, We provide the service of hosting multiple sites on a Web server so ourclients can host their sites in a pocket friendly way.

Shared hosting is a web hosting where the service provider looks after multiple pages ofwebsites, where each of the sites have their own internet domain name from a single server.Shared hosting is less expensive, So many businesses can create their web presence withoutspending more.

Shared hosting is basically recommended to small scale businesses where they don’t have tospend large amounts of money to keep a virtual presence on the internet. The server hostmakes a group of websites and hosts them from a single server. It is cheap but it also has itsups and downs to it.

The Pros and cons of Shared hosting


Pocket friendly ​: To get shared hosting is affordable as you’re sharing the server with othersyou will be only paying for the part of the services. This leads you to the result of lower prices.

Easy setup​ : Service provider takes care of everything as the setup is done by the host.


Shared server ​: The server can be shared with many other websites

“Bad Neighbour”​ : As the server is being shared with other websites, they can take up a lot oftraffic which means you may get less resources, which affects the performance and loading timeof your site.

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