Let’s See VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server this basically means to have an independent server and all its resourcesdedicated to only one site without sharing with any partner. The server is managed by the hostand keeping this site load-free. With this the website owner has full control over the server andcan do anything with it as they please.

VPS is seen between a shared hosting and dedicated hosting in the spectrum of power andcontrol. It is a self-contained server living on a server with other VPS. With VPS we get a lot offlexibility of a dedicated server while paying for a portion of a server. It also means that youdon’t own a full server but have dedicated server resources at your disposal.

Owning a part of a server gives us a virtual idea of how the website should be developed. In thiswe need to keep in mind of the real estate that we have to run the website so it gives the bestperformance that we desire to have.

At AIS as we provide a wide variety of services, We can build a website for our clients and alsoperform the hosting as per the VPS conditions of the server that our clients want

VPS Features

  • Isolation​: Isolation of resources in many kinds. VPS servers do not eat over each other’sresources as they have their dedicated resources and with this websites are not affected.
  • Flexibility​: Any VPS user has the freedom to install his own application without any help fromthe host.
  • Dynamicity​: Dedicated resources give an ease of mind to the users that the performance of thewebsite will not be affected by their site due to other hosted sites.
  • End User control​: The user of the VPS has full control over the portion of the server which isdedicated to them, And can be done remotely.
  • Scalable and Upgradeable​: The user of VPS can easily upgrade or add more resources asthey require without disturbing the current VPS. Easy plan upgrade.

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