Let’s See Why Matomo is the Best?

Matomo is a very powerful web analytic platform. ​An application that provides web analysis.Being an open source application it provides better performance and results comparedto Google analytics. With some premium versions we can make the best of it whichenhances the results for us.

The features that give Matomo the edge​?

  • It is open source but provides best in class security.
  • Provides 100% accurate data.
  • Limitless support for the users.
  • The application can be adjusted to our needs, to make the best out of it.
  • There is no limitation of data●Easy to use
  • Insights are enhanced to get better results

With the use of Matomo we can give you the best results that you require to grow.When an analysis is done it shows where we lack and that helps us to improve it andmake it right. At AIS we believe in giving our clients the best and for that we use thetools there is in the market.

There are more features that makes it the only application to be used for Web Analytics

  • No Data Sampling
  • Visitor Profiles
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Reports
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Site Searching
  • And a lot more

Goal of AIS

  • We provide all the services of Matomo with in-house experts.
  • We have an expert team for Matomo who knows how to make the best from it.
  • Our team uses their experience and provides promising results.
  • Our team has been using Matomo for a long time so they have the knowledge ofall the features in it.
  • Knowing the ins and outs of Matomo gives an edge over other competitors.

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