Let’s See Why SuiteCRM is the Best?


SuiteCRM is an open source enterprise class base of CRM providing the basic features of CRMfor free.The best part of SuiteCRM is we can customize it as much as we want according to our needs.We can add features of our own desire to get our work done.SuiteCRM helps in customer support, Sales boost, production management, stockmanagement, and a lot more. Here the only limit is your imagination.At AIS we believe in providing the best that is out there for our clients, and we don’t hold back indoing that.

Features of SuiteCRM

  • Customer self-service – Customer can check the history of being with us.
  • Sales portal – Sales made easy with details of placing order to delivery.
  • Flexible workflow – Custom build workflow for your business
  • Servicing – Helping Business having service sector
  • Marketing – Provides tips for marketing to grow business
  • ROI calculator – Helps in making the best investment
  • Finance management – Keeping track of the money flow.
  • Billing and invoicing – easy and fast billing
  • Flexible modeling of business processes – Custom modules build for specialbusiness requirements
  • Template quotations – Eye catching templates for quotations has they make aimpression
  • Pricing strategy control – Product pricing set right for better profits.
  • Contract renewals servicing – Get notified for contracts near expiring date.
  • Q&A support

Why choose us for SuiteCRM?

  • Expert and dedicated development team for SuiteCRM.
  • Years of experience in SuiteCRM.
  • 24/7 Support for any issue you face.
  • As we believe in client satisfaction, we won’t stop until we reach there.
  • Guaranteed Results.
  • Fully development done on the requirements of your business needs.
  • Integration and installation done seamlessly.
  • Updates with the times for better maintenance.
  • Enhanced customization.●And a lot more as you desire.

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