Now a days, the user experience have been changed the approach toward design due to use of smart phones and tables. Before the trends of mobile devices only web browsing capability was there and web designer had only need care about challenge with keeping the same look and feel of website design in various browsers.

However, websites open on smart phones and tablets is not same as we open on desktops. Because some factor changes such as click vs touch, screen size, pixel-resolution and many more become changed while making web design responsive. But why responsive Web Design is important for your website?

Responsive web design is laying-out and coding a website in such a way that websites have better viewing experience, no more resizing, panning and scrolling across every device.

Responsive Web Design Provide Better User Experience:

When your website is content based, It is important that user experience that enables visitors to give responsive content on any website through any devices of their choice and performance. Thus the Responsive web design is to providing better user experience whether they use desktop, Smartphone or a tablet.

Younger users are increasingly mobile oriented:

Younger user that joining or participating your organization are very likely to look information of you using their mobile devices. Whether it is smart phone or a tablet your website should deliver content in optimize format that is only possible using creating your website using responsive web design.

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO):

A responsive web design for your website is highly recommended by Google making your website easier to find in Google and other search engines. Using single URL for piece of contents makes it easier for users to interact with, share and linking content and also helps Google to assign the indexing for the content. It saves resources for both your site and Google’s crawler.

Increase efficiency of maintaining your site: Once your website content will be easy to view on all devices, it will be more widely available and results increase the usage of your website. When making changes to your site, you only have to make those changes in one place instead of two if you have a separate mobile website.

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